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Avoiding Avalanches

Lessen the chances of being killed by an avalanche:

Sharpen your skills: Take courses with the Avalanche Canada. There are many excellent courses available beyond just the basics. Make lifelong learning about avalanches a goal if you plan to make winter mountain travel a lifelong habit. Get out with people you know are exceptionally competent. Consider hiring a mountain guide from time to time to keep current.

Get current, local knowledge: Before you go out, every time, check the Avalanche Canada Bulletin for the area you are visiting. Read every word. Compare the forecasts of neighbouring regions to get a better feel for what is happening across the geographical region. Read recent Mountain Conditions Reports, which are current conditions reports by local ACMG guides.

Recognise your limitations: Until you are confident that you have the necessary skills (this can take many years) make a habit of being conservative with your choice of terrain, and be keenly aware of the terrain you are on, the terrain you are venturing into, and the terrain above (often waaaaay above) your head. A good, simple tool that helps with this was created by the CAA: the "Avaluator".

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