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Susanna Helen Lantz, 1980-2008

Susanna was skiing on the 18th of February in Chickadee Valley (Kootenay Park, B.C.) and was killed by an avalanche.

Donate to a Susanna Memorial Project - "Susie's Bench Project", CAUSE Kids, and the Canadian Avalanche Foundation.

Susanna's Photo Album - please add your best Susie photos!

The SUSIE Forum - please take a few minutes to share your favourite Susie memories. Also a great chance to read some great anecdotes!

Susie's "The Big Ride" Slideshow - her last I guess you'd call it "farewell" party, attended by over 100 guests at the Communitea Cafe in Canmore in January

Susie: passionate adventurer; determined and hard working, silly and sweet, generous and
loving, kind and good, creative and crafty, capable and strong, beautiful.
We all loved you and now we've lost you and we're so sad.

Come back to us if you can. We'll look for you in the freshly fallen snow, when we get on
our bicycles, when we plant a tree. When we're climbing we'll feel your warmth on the
sun bathed rock and hear your encouraging voice. When we're competing we'll think of
your drive and determination. We'll wrap ourselves up in your scarves and reread the
stories and kind words you've written us and we'll love you all over again.
Come back to us Susie.

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